Adrian Rodriquez

Adrian Rodriquez

President, Rodrigrows Organics

Adrian Rodriguez founded Rodrigrows’ Organics in 2012; a fertilizer, organic pesticide and growth-media manufacturing company. Adrian has a dynamic history in commercial agriculture. Since 2009, his repertoire has expanded from vegetable and fruit production to cannabis. In addition, he has teamed up with a local brewing company to produce hops year-round in a controlled-environment using specialized greenhouses. Adrian Rodriguez pioneers innovation in product development by incorporating sustainability practices in routine operations.

Track 3: The Workings of a Sustainable Farm – “Building the ‘Soil-Food Web’ for a Productive Farm”

In this discussion, we will unearth the vital biology that brings soil to life, and discuss soil management to improve your soil’s microbial health, fertility, and crop productivity through reduced tillage and use of cover crops and compost.

Track 3: Sustainable Farming